Yet ppl don’t understand how white privilege still exists in brown n black countries


autumn mori : cardi


Claude Monet


Claude Monet

does anyone know any good halloweeny aph Bulgaria pictures


I want to draw a Tumblr username every day in October. I will draw the first 31 reblogs. (if that many people actually reblog haha)

if you ever get embrassed just know I was legitimently going have my mother do one of those men of tumblr slide shows things


Cis people care more about the classification a dwarf planet they’re never going to actually see more than the recognition of trans people’s genders even though they are almost guaranteed to see trans people in their lives (even if they don’t realise it). Like, great, thanks for reminding me that the lives of real people like me matter less to you than a hunk of rock and ice on the edge of the solar system.


some kid in my class wrote an essay about how it never explicitly says Beowulf isn’t a robot




ok but:  child autistic prince zuko stimming with firebending and accidentally burning things down

u think im joking but nothing is as important as autistic prince zuko

  • autistic zuko who cant for the life of him figure out why he has so much trouble communicating n struggling with some super anxiety over it bc that’s canon
  • autistic zuko who attaches so much importance to his honor bc he’s terrified he won’t be worth anything without it (also canon)
  • autistic zuko figuring out how to relate to other people in a way that doesnt make him sound like a raging dick all the time (canon)
  • autistic zuko not being sure what to do about friendships and actually being loved (canon)
  • autistic zuko learning that his destiny is his own and evolves independently of the tyranny of the fire nation and doing his best to make up for his past mistakes (canon)
  • autistic zuko scripting conversations before having them and trying fifteen different ways to say the same thing (canon)

like pls make room for autistic zuko interpretations in ur life this is something that was only revealed to me like two days ago but is so important

autistic zuko’s younger sister being a giant dick to him and not presuming his competence (canon)